Why is the texture of my DAE file not loading?

If you wondering why the texture of your DAE file is not shown in Papervision nameconflicts can be the reason:

Go into you DAE file, look for the ‘symbol’  attribute in the  <instance_material … > Tag and compare the value with the one you assigned to the name parameter in your addMaterial() statement.

‘symbol’ attribute value in dae file == ‘name’ parameter in addMaterial() method


How to embed a COLLADA (.dae) file into swf?

Just simply as you would embed other sources in Flash:

[Embed (source=”assets/yourColladaFile.dae”,mimeType=”application/octet-stream”)]
private var Model:Class;

var myDAE:DAE = new DAE();
myDAE.load(new Model());

thats it!